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The National Service Administration became the Swedish Defence Recruitment Agency on 1 January 2011. The change of name was brought about as the Agency received new tasks when the Parliament decided that the supply of personnel of the defence should be voluntary instead of being based on national service.

The Swedish Defence Recruitment Agency is a civil agency under the jurisdiction of the Government and forms part of the Ministry of Defence. 

Christina Malm is the Director-General of the Swedish Defence Recruitment Agency. We are based in four locations - Malmö, Stockholm and Karlstad. 

Our approximately 120 employees include medical doctors, nurses, psychologists, systems technicians, systems developers, HR administrators and employees who deal with war organizations, economists and information officers. 

Our operations are funded with grants and charges for commissions, which we conduct for other authorities and organizations within the total defence.  

We have records and medical information in our medical documents archive on everyone born in 1946 and later who has enrolled or conducted an entrance assessment at the Armed Forces' Enrolment Board or the National Service Administration. The archive contains information on more than 3 million persons. 

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